Gordon Stennett Wooden Bird Sculptures
Elegantly Hand Sculptured Wood Duck Decoys & Other Decorative Birds

Welcome to Gordon Stennett’s wood birds SHOWCASE website. Whether you are looking for perfect gifts for a bird lover or you're a collector of birds yourself this is where you can purchase these unique, elegantly hand-produced wood bird sculptures directly from Gordon’s workshop in Redding, California. Impossible to be factory mass produced each sculpture is one of a kind. His selections constantly change so that the casual viewer and/or serious collector can keep up with his latest creation here. You are invited to browse his website and return often to see what he has added. The Bird Sculpture Gallery is a slide show to see multiple pictures. Just hover your cursor below the picture to control the slide show speed. Enjoy and let Gordon know how he may help you. Thank you for visiting.


Unlike anywhere else, Crescent City, California is where the Redwoods meet the sea. Growing up surrounded by the great outdoors was an inspirational backdrop for fine woodworking. The beaches are inviting and a gold mine for driftwood collecting and crafting. And that is how it all began in 1975. Gordon’s wood working hobby quickly grew into a lifelong career in hand sculptured wood duck decoys, birds in flight & other decorative birds.

Gordon looks at the bird like a puzzle. The types of wood that matches the colors of the bird are laminated together then sculpted. Beautiful natural grain and warmth of the wood emerges to showcase plumage. A hand-rubbed deep layered finish is unmatched and invites you to pick them up and enjoy the cool silkiness of the bird.

From small beachside galleries to being featured with Duck’s Unlimited and at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., Gordon Stennett’s duck decoys are in private collections worldwide.

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